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Tension Tackle was officially registered as a fishing tackle supplier since year 2016, specifically supplys big game trolling lures. With years of production know-how, improved production technologies and better developed materials, we are able to offer customers top quality products.

We mainly produce lures with customers' own designs and brands which will be kept absolutely exclusive to customers. The lures shown on our website are our own shapes and sizes to show our production capability ( lure shapes, insert materials, tints etc ) and quality.

Lure heads we produce are made of hard polyurethane resin which features chip proof, yellowing resistant while still crystal clear like diamond. Lure heads can be either clear or tinted. Double or triple pour heads are also available upon request.

Our replacement skirts are made with finest material and with UV enhanced. Custom colors can be made upon request with certain MOQ.

We do supply either heads only or skirted lure with packing.

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