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Clear Resin Stickbait - Look for partner!
We are currently in development of making stickbait with abalone shell insert out of clear resin. We are looking for customers who can coperate with us about designing, testing and marketing.
The stickbait body can be made with either clear hard polyurethane resin or epoxy resin. Both resins are chip proof and crystal clear. The difference is polyurethane is yellowing resistant, while epoxy resin
will yellow after one and half years by normal fishing usings and stocking.
After production tested, we now have no problem making SINKING stickbait (because resin is naturally heavier than water), but we are still testing how to make FLOATING one.
Soft Shell - Easy to make your lure with high relfective shell!
We have been developing soft shells since 2017 and finally now come up with a range of different shell types and colors. These soft shell sheets come in size 14x24cm, they are thin
enough to be cut by either knife or scissors to any shape (accoding to the lure shape). All the shell sheets are with 3M adhesive on the back side, once it is cut, then can be directly .
applied to the lure body. To seal the shell on the lure, at least two layers clear epoxy coating is needed. The epoxy coating process can be searched on Youtube ( handmade wooden
stickbait coating ).
For order of soft shell, we do require a minimum quantity of 50-100 sheets per shell. If you need smaller quantity, we may have in stock. Custom colors can also be handled.
Please see detail information of soft shell on the below pictures: