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Insert can be customized according to customers requests( square, round, jets, keel weight, colored etc ).
We offer a wide range of insert materials: Abalone shell (both natural color and tint coated), Holographic foil, Glow in the dark foil, Mirror, Pear (also colored) etc.
For foils, we use both imported ( WTP Inc, USA ) and local made ones. If you like any of the WTP foil, you can let us know the foil code number and we will conatact WTP inc. to source that.
We selected good quality abalone shells for our lure heads. We also combine different shade shell with different insert color to create some unique looking. For example, the natural Paua shell on
white and black ground shows different shade. Photo below to show the different lookings:
Natural color shells
Tinted shell colors
Foil and Mirror

white crinkle foil (glow in the dark)

black crinkle foil chartreuse foil (WTP) red foil (WTP)