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Welcome to our web!
  Founded in 2005, Tension Tackle has been making quality big game fishing lures in China. With years of experience, improved production system and better materials developed, we are able to offer customers
  top quality products.
  We mainly offer OEM services with customers' designs and brands which will be kept absolutely exclusive to the customers who own the copyright. The lures photos on our website are just a few of our designs to
  show our production capability ( lure shapes, insert materials, tints etc ) and quality.
  We make lure heads mainly from hard clear polyurethane which provides chip proof, yellowing resistant while still clear enough features. Lure heads can be either clear or tinted. Double or triple pour head
  are also availabe upon request.
  We do not produce the replacment skirts by oursleves, but we source quality skirts directly from skirt manufacturer. All skirts are UV enhanced.
  Since all the heads are hand poured, we accept any size order for the lure head. While we do require a minimum quantity for the skirts since the skirt manufacturer requests that.
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